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At Westgate Travel Worldchoice we have been an independent travel agent to the local community since 1990.

With over 20 years of independent travel experience we offer our clients a wealth of expertise, first hand knowledge and personal service. From honeymoons to family holidays, city breaks and cruises to a long haul luxury holiday, our travel consultants can tailor make every aspect of your trip to make it a truly memorable experience.


Our consultants can recommend a host of first class destinations and accommodation across the globe. For those couples seeking the perfect honeymoon experience our travel experts are at hand to tailor make your trip and offer an array of honeymoon destinations to ensure you start married life in style. Or if you'd prefer to have your actual wedding abroad, we can arrange that for you as well - we have helped many couples tie the knot in tropical destinations around the world.

If your travel plans are not so grand, we can also book hotels, coach trips, holiday homes and parks in the UK. We can arrange package holidays with all the major tour operators such as Thomson and Thomas Cook to the popular holiday destinations around the Mediterranean and further afield as well as using the smaller, niche tour operators that travel to quieter unspoilt destinations that you may not have even heard of!


Whatever your travel plans, we will do our best to plan a holiday to suit your desires.


Hurtigruten Norwegian Coastal Voyages


If you would like to see the Northern Lights in 2015, we have a departure from Cardiff Airport to Northern Norway on 23 February, 2015.

The trip will include two nights in the Arctic city of Tromsø, together with a three night Hurtigruten voyage from Tromsø to Kirkenes and back. Prices start from £1,119 per person.

See our website for details

We are one of the main agents in the UK for Hurtigruten voyages around the spectacular scenery of the Norwegian fjords. We have all travelled on the Hurtigruten ships and enjoyed the tranquillity of cruising along the beautiful coastline, stopping in small and remote ports along the way, as well as taking part in some of the local activities such as husky dog sledging. It really is a cruise to remember and not at all like a cruise on a traditional cruise.


On board the Hurtigruten ships, the cabins are comfortable, clean and well-maintained, but not luxurious - unless you opt for one of the suites. The atmosphere is very relaxed - there is no need to dress up for dinner and there is no formal entertainment. These cruises are all about the destination, not the cruise, but what a destination it is!


Norway certainly is a beautiful country with its rugged coastline and scenic fjords and the Hurtigruten ships are the best way to see the country's coastline. The vessels are smaller than normal cruise ships and can manoeuvre in and out of even the smallest ports with astonishing ease and speed. These ports are usually the hearts of the towns, so you can easily disembark and look around or take advantage of the excellent excursions offered by Hurtigruten.


Norway's seasons bring an added dimension to your cruise, depending on when you travel. During summer you can witness 24 hours of daylight in the 'land of the midnight sun' and in winter, if you are lucky, you will see the awe-inspiring Northern Lights - a sight you will certainly never forget.


Luxury Trains

For those looking for the ultimate in luxury travel our travel consultants specialise in luxury train journeys around the world including the Danube Express, Rovos Rail and Blue Train in South Africa and of course the luxurious and exclusive Belmond (formerly known as Orient-Express) trains.

Orient Express British Pullman


Belmond have three trains in the UK - The British Pullman which departs mainly from London Victoria on day-trips to stately homes, cities and sporting events, or on round-trip dining excursions around the UK. The Northern Belle departs from many stations around the country, including a number of departures from Cardiff, again to stately homes, picturesque cities or other destinations of interest or on leisurely dining excursions. In Scotland, there is the luxurious and exclusive Royal Scotsman train that carries passengers on journeys lasting up to 7-nights around the spectacular Scottish Highlands.


There is also the legendary Venice Simplon-Orient-Express which epitomises an era of elegance and grace in travel, when the journey was as much a part of the trip as the destination.


Destinations on board the Belmond Venice Simplon-Orient-Express include Paris, Venice, Prague, Krakow, Vienna and of course Istanbul, gateway to the East and you will be transported to these cities in perfectly elegant and stylish surroundings, whilst enjoying exquisite cuisine and service.


Lastly, but by no means least in the Belmond stable is the Eastern & Oriental Express that travels from Singapore to Bangkok through some of the most superb scenery in South East Asia. This is certainly one to consider if you are travelling to the Far East and certainly a more enjoyable way of travelling between the two cities than flying!


Antarctica Cruising

Developing on from the Norwegian Coastal Voyage, Hurtigruten also do stunning Explorer voyages to the Antarctica on board their purpose built MS Fram. We also feature cruises on the luxurious Silversea ship - Prince Albert II.


Cruising Antarctica on the MS Fram

Everything about Antarctica is superlative. The world's coldest, driest, highest, cleanest continent, it leaves an ever-lasting impression on the minds of all visitors. To cruise past Cape Horn and across Drake Passage to the Antarctic peninsula is to join what is still a very exclusive group of intrepid travellers.


Antarctica is the southernmost continent on Earth, and covers the South Pole. It is located almost entirely south of the Antarctic Circle, and is separated from the rest of the world by the Southern Ocean. At 5.4 million square miles (13,661,000 square kilometres), it is the fifth-largest continent in area and is almost double the area of Australia.


The Antarctic ice sheet is the largest mass of ice on Earth. Indeed, 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice, which averages at least one mile thick and contains thirty million cubic kilometres of ice. Around ninety per cent of the fresh water on the Earth's surface is held in the ice sheet, an amount equivalent to 70 metres of water in the world's oceans. In East Antarctica the ice sheet rests on a major land mass, but in West Antarctica the bed is in places more than 2500 m below sea level. It would be seabed if the ice sheet were not there.


If you're considering an adventure of a lifetime, check out our Antarctica-Cruising website, or call us to discuss your requirements.




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